1) I am a client of Bodicaire and I find that they are excellent therapists and I will recommend anyone to patronize their shop.”- Ismail Haron ( Popular Local Malay Singer) 2006.

2) As a seasoned traveller and keen sportsman, I highly recommend paying a visit to Abdul and his expert hands. Nowhere else in the world have I had such a great massage to relieve my knotted and spent muscles.- Giles Birch (Airline Pilot) 2007

3) I’m irregular when it comes to foot massage. Bodicaire quickly become my go-to-place. The staffs are experts and friendly. Recommended.-Esa Pollari, Finland (High-tech Entrepreneur) 2008

4) Bodicaire has been my trustee refuge against fatigue, aches and pains for many years. its a must stop whenever i am back home in Singapore.- Xuess Wee, (Working Overseas) since 2004 -2018.img_4930-1

5) When i first started treatment with Mr Abdul Latiff, my legs were hurting so badly i couldn’t walk properly. Western medication provided only temporary pain relief but after just a few sessions, my legs are fully recovered and i am now able to walk around freely and painlessly. I would recommend Mr Abdul Latiff to anyone be it for treatment or for a casual massage.- Abdullah (Satisfied Customer)

6) I am a regular customer of Bodicaire for the past 6 years. I enjoy the skills and expertise of Mr Latiff and always feel refreshed after each therapy session.- K Teo (East Coast Resident)

7) Bodicaire is the best massage in town! Once you tired it, you will never look elsewhere. As a frequent traveler in my early 40s, I need to ease that tensed muscles and joints regularly and Bodicaire is the only place that satisfy my needs from head to toe. Thank You Mr Latiff and wishing you success!- Fauzi (Regular Customer)

8) I am more than satisfied with Bodicaire. Under the expert hands of Mr Latiff, the knots and tension in my body goes away. I recommend Bodicaire to those who want to experience authentic massage as a therapy to the body. – Dr Firdaus Yahya 2010img_7871

9) If you have been looking for a masseur to ease tense muscles and no else can do it because you complain your body is very stiff, look no further. Under the professional hands of Mr Latiff, i get deep tissue massage that releases all the tension i have in my muscles. I never fail to ask for a 2 hour massage at every session. With the combined massage techniques and the aromatherapy towards the end of each session, you will leave the treatment feeling energized and relaxed. Highly recommended.- Helmi (Educational Officer) 2011

10) Assalamualaikum. saya mengucapkn syabaz pada bodicaire kerana memberi kn khidmat yg sgt memuaskan. Walau dalam kesibukan waktu hj. Latiff tetap memberikan khidmat terbaik. Walaupun kadang2 minta diurut last minit. Buat saya yg sering mengalami sakit tengkuk dan kepala, selepas diurut dgn hj. Latiff kepala saya berasa sgt lega. Tahniah utk bodicaire dan semesti nya akan rekemen kenalan utk ke bodicaire- Ustadz Nassir – 2007

11) As a new customer i.very happy n satisfied with mr latiff for the awesome massage ,after the whole body massage i felt fresh n my tiredness all relieve thank you mr latiff i will recommend all my fren,relatives.- Md Zulfazli

12) I’ve been taking massage as a form of therapy since I was 11 due to my condition. Until, now at the age of 40, I am still undergoing treatment and have tried many places and therapists, some even housecalls. Since 2010, I have been a regular, once a month and at times fortnightly, at Bodicaire due to Mr Latiff and partner’s “healing touch” and Professionalism. I’ve been recommending friends, relatives and even acquaintances to go to Bodicaire, whether for treatment, therapy or relaxation massage. If you read this, you too should give it a try. – Hamza@Abou Maryamain.

13) Hi Mr Latiff, thanks for the massage just now. It was very good. I felt better then the last one, I think because you had more times to massage on my legs. -Mr James Lee (28/1/18)