Pasien mengalami masaalah percakapan😐😑

Pasien cik Mutalib ada masaalah ganguan bertutur. Selepas dirawat, Alhamdullillah uda ada tanda2 perubahan 🌼

What Is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. Signs and symptoms typically begin gradually, worsen over time and then resolve, usually within one to three years.

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Manfaat Terapi Bekam Untuk Kesehatan

Oleh: Dr. Muhammad Ali Toha Assegaf

Cara Sehat Dengan Bekam (Al Hijamah) adalah pengobatan penyakit lahiriah dan penyakit akibat sihir dengan mengeluarkan darah kotor pada tubuh si penderita dengan cara di sedot menggunakan alat khusus. Metod pengobatan Bekam ini sesuai yang di anjurkan oleh Rosullulloh Muhamad SAW, dengan berbekam maka segala penyakit yang bersemayam dalam tubuh khususnya pada darah akan dikeluarkan hal ini menyebabkan si penderita akan sehat kembali.

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How To Use Acupuncture Pen

Based on the principles of acupuncture, but without the needles, this device is applied either directly to areas of discomfort or to acupuncture points that correspond to soreness or discomfort. Great for soothing stress and relaxing before going to sleep. It applies a painless stimulation to perform electro acupuncture and skin rejuvenation. No piercing of the skin is required while the stim is conducted by simply touching the button.

Dry Needling: Trapezius

Dry needling is a technique physical therapists use for the treatment of pain and movement impairments.   The technique uses a “dry” needle, one without medication or injection, inserted through the skin into areas of the muscle.

Other terms commonly used to describe dry needling, include trigger point dry needling, and intramuscular manual therapy.

Dry needling is not acupuncture, a practice based on traditional Chinese medicine and performed by acupuncturists. Dry needling is a part of modern Western medicine principles, and supported by research ..